1. Airport Pick up Service

International Division officers are in charged to meet the newly arrived international students at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. This service is available upon bookings prior to your arrival in Bali-Indonesia. Please make sure you contact our International Division for pick-up arrangement

2. Orientation

Orientation is discharged in order to assist you in preparing your study at the Institute. It will also provide you with numerous indispensable information and programs in a line with the way on how to make use to the Institute culture and Balinese life. You will also be informed about the Immigration procedures and services, and other necessary information related to orientation activities. This program also involves our student buddy club (ISIBC), in which our former exchange students assist new international students to adapt to a new environment

3. Excursion and Social Program

International Division of the Institute regularly arranges several social programs for international students and scholar at ISI Denpasar. This program will be executed in several occasions after the orientation for the new students, at least once in a year. Every program will be announced to the international students and scholars who are interested in joining the program. The program is usually designed to introduce students into the historical, cultural, and religious aspects of certain places. Furthermore, this program is expected to build up a broadly networking, relationship, and connectivity between all international and local students, and also in order to get to know one another during their period of study in Bali-Indonesia

4. Free Wifi Connection

The students can enjoy a free Wi-Fi connection on-campus area.  A valid username and password of which is offered during the early registration is absolutely needed by students in order to log-into the internet connection. Our website for students is reserved, and it is a web portal provided for current students at URl.http://www.jista.isi-dps.ac.id/portal. Student can make used this web-based facility to access class schedules, enrolled as well as outstanding courses, tuition fee payment status, academic calendar and grades.

5. Conseling

There is also a student consultation service is served for free for students at the International Division Office of ISI Denpasar, whereby you can obtain advices for academic matters, such as learning tips, exam preparation tips, or even personal matters. Our counseling service is design for students professionally and confidentially. To talk confidentially about any problems and concerns to you, please contact us to make appointment of meeting.

6. Accessibilities

We are committed to fully support access of information for every student, including accessibility in getting useful information of academic matters, institute activities, and scholarships. The information will be surely opened for students unevenly. The students will be notified as early as possible in time the institute obtains beneficial and useful information for the sake of educational development.

7. Student Clubs

You may have a plenty of chances to explore the campus and seek out fellow students with similar interests, in the classes or clubs. There are numerous clubs representing varied students’ interests. You will find cultural and religious club, sport team and sport club, student association, academic societies, music and art clubs, and theater group

8. Shops

Small shops are normally available at several strategic locations off campus where you can buy stationeries, and basic need, such as the convenience store near the campus. Post office, travel agent, and bookstore are also available off campus. You can do some shopping very easily at several mini markets nearby the campus which are located in a walking distance from the campus. A mini market provides a wide range of groceries product products, and even household appliances. Should you need a one stop shopping, you need a visit to several super markets in Denpasar city.

9. Food and Beverages

Canteens are available nearby the faculty complex. The price is normally lower than any other canteens or cafes off campus. The Indonesian traditional menu is commonly served in hot and spicy. The most favorite one is nasi goreng (fried rice) of which will be found nowhere else in foreign countries. Nasi campur, Soto, bakso, tofu, and many other are also commonly offered

10. Transportations

Transportation is also a vital facility to support the international students during undertaking study in Bali. There are several transportation categories can be offered up here i.e. Bus (sarbagita) of which operate in the main roads along the city of Denpasar with very cheap in cost of around Rp. 3.500,- (USD 24 Cen). Taxi, Bemo (mini bus), Ojek (motor bike taxi) are also available with appropriate costs. Students can also hire a motor bike very easily, but this kind of transport is not recommended owing to its existence in the road is too dangerous regarding to the traffic sometime is not friendly. Therefore, students are recommended to live closed to campus in order to make it possible to reach the campus on foot.

11. Accommodations

The accommodations in Bali are a lot more expensive than accommodations of which are offered in other cities in Indonesia. International students are normally stay in several home stays, houses, and even staying in the room rental. The price of a place is subject to facilities are offered such as; TV, sofa, desk, wardrobe pantry, en-suite shower room, and air conditioner. The price is approximately around USD 60-300/month. However, there are still various accommodation options in several areas close to campus

12. Money Changers

You do not be worried to exchange money in foreign currency; there is a lot of money changers of which offer services in money exchange activities. The exchange rate is subjected to national and international standing, and fitted to the exchange rate of which is established by Indonesian Central Bank. For instance the exchange rate of USD 1 is equivalent with RP 8000-12.000 currently. However, this amount of exchange rate can be constantly changed at any time depending on any circumstances of world economy.

13. Visas & Immigrations

For some people, visa matters can be complicated and confusing.  The following guideline should help you to go through the process. A certain visa is depending on the duration of study, you can apply for a visa regarding to the visa options are specified as bellow;

a. A short Visit Visa

It is commonly known as a Visa on Arrival or a Tourist Visa valid for up to 30 day and is possible to be renewed to another 30 days only, which is in total up to 60 days. However, this type of visa is not appropriate for people who will undertake study in Indonesia. Therefore, this type of visa is absolutely not recommended for students

b. Socio Cultural Visas

This type of visa is normally denoted by 211 visa index. It is valid for up to; a). First 30 days from date of arrival, and is possible to be renewed for 4 (four) times of which up to another 30 days in each renewal. It is equal as 150 days = 5 months in total. b). First 60 days from date of arrival, and is possible to be renewed for 4 (four) times of which up to another 30 days in each renewal. It is equal as 180 days = 6 months in total. The both type of visas on point (a) and (b) as above are possible to be converted into A Short Stay Permit Card with several official terms and requirements of which allows you to stay for 1 (one) year in total. In addition, this type of visa can be renewed every year according to the need of your study. It is mostly recommended for students who undertake a long period of study.

c. A Short stay Visa

It is commonly denoted by 316 visa index which valid for up to 30 days since the date of arrival. This type of visa is possible to be directly converted into A Short Stay Permit Card of which allows you to stay for 1 (one) year in total. In addition, this type of visa can be renewed every year according to the need of your study. It is recommended for students who undertake a long period of study. For more information on visa and immigration please visit; http://www.kln.isi-dps.ac.id/visa and immigration.html.  Please contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate General of Indonesia in your country to confirm which visa is needed to enter Indonesia and to inquire the procedure of obtaining the visa.

14. Permit of Study

A permit of study is a document issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. This is required for a regular undergraduate/graduate, and exchange students. You may start to process the permit of study upon receiving the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from ISI Denpasar. The permit of study might take a process of more than a month in the ministry.