The campus is situated at Jl. Nusa Indah in the heart of the City, next to the Art Center of Bali, and it was built on a land of 51.867 square meters in total area.

Welcome To ISI Denpasar

For discharging education, research, and social services, The Institute possesses buildings of 11.300 square meters in area which consist of Rectory building, Faculty, Fine Arts Exhibition, performing arts, Museum, class rooms, studios, laboratory, and library equipped with various excellent academic facilities.

As an art Institute, and in order to meet the need of the curriculum nowadays we have various artistic equipment such as: various Balinese traditional music (gamelan), puppets, dance attires, fine arts and design equipment, craft, and other artistic equipment.


ISI Denpasar

Since ISI Denpasar and the Art Centre are now engaged in a strong and mutual cooperation, beginning on February 15, 2016 this cooperation has been officially recognized by the placement of the insignia of ISI Denpasar in front of the Art Center’s main entrance.

Both of these institutions are committed to working together for cultural preservation. All facilities available at the Art Centre may now be used by students and faculty members of ISI Denpasar to deliver quality education in art and culture.

This collaboration reflects the future educational vision of ISI Denpasar, extrapolating the Art Centre as ISI Denpasar’s living library, lab, and studio, as well as providing new spaces for practice, seminars, performance, and exhibition.