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rektor-messageDarmasiswa is a non-degree scholarship that is provided by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia for overseas students to undertake study among the field area of language, art, and culture in several universities of Indonesia. Basically, the objective of this program is not only to promote Indonesian language, art, and culture to the overseas societies but also to promote Indonesian education, agriculture, and tourism. This program has been a strategic aspect of diplomacy as well as a reciprocal scheme of scholarship allocation between Indonesia and other countries. Obviously, this program has become a national commitment that should be carried out by all parties smoothly, efficiently, and effectively, especially to improve the public and nation's image of diplomacy that affect the strength of Indonesian foreign policy and as one of the Indonesian soft-asset in the field of education and culture.

This policy program has been carried out regionally by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture since 1974, which it was originally attended only by participants from ASEAN member countries, however, this program up to this time has been followed by the participants from various countries in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and Australia with a continuous development. In addition, it is a very effective scholarship program to introduce and promote the Indonesian language, art, culture, education, agriculture, and tourism through the active participation of the Indonesian overseas representatives (consulate general/embassies). Meanwhile, since 1998 The Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar has been trusted by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to carry out this program especially in the field area of art and culture.

Our active role in this program is indeed to provide a maximum support to the Indonesian Government’s soft diplomacy through language, art, and culture which represents the Indonesian foreign policy. It is accounted for 466 participants from 55 countries who have attended the art courses in our institute since 1998 up to 2017. This number shows a remarkable interest of the international people to study at our institute. While it gives a strong sense of impression that we have the competitive and professional ability as a center of excellence in the field of art and culture. Finally, a Guide 2017-2021 for Darmasiswa Program is proudly presented to overseas students in order to give a brief description and necessary information about the art and culture program that is carried out by The Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar. We wish anyone can be benefitted and this guidebook will be able to lead you to a small step of your successful career in the future.

“Om Santih, Santih, Santih, Om”

A Guide Darmasiswa Program

Non-degree Program of Indonesian Scholarships


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